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Bringing tantalising, tasty herbs and spices to our customers in the meat and food industry for more than 35 years, so they too can discover the true essence of taste.

Why choose us?

The Essence of taste! Golden Spices specialises in producing the finest range of quality spices, meat products and much more. With a unique and wide range of flavourful goodness, you’ll be sure to find a taste for every occasion when you choose Golden Spices.

Are you a business owner, buyer or a butcher?

If you’re looking for a variety of herbs and spices for your store, to attract more customers, look no further! Golden Spices has a wide range of the finest herbs and spices for your needs.

Curious about the rich flavours our spices can bring to your dish? Request a sample to experience our expert quality of products, first hand.

Or do you prefer a personalised approach? Our dedicated sales representatives are ready to assist you. Connect with us to discuss your wholesale spice needs and explore how we can cater for your culinary ambitions.

Client testimonials

  • Mohamed Loonat

    Excellent service, thanx Zunaid


  • Suenita Mackay

    Staff is very professional.


  • Adinaan Wickstrom

    Spicy nice...


  • Paul Samson



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