Our plant

Procurement process and suppliers

Good-in, is good-out, with this ideology in our procurement department we are always looking at sourcing the best ingredients, whether it is local or abroad. With all our food safety structures in place, the controlling of material with methods of traceability and laboratories tests ensures our customer a piece of mind.

Production and warehousing

Our production facility houses
- The Milling Department ensures that our raw material is milled to spec without any contamination

- The Blending Department, using the up-to-date mixers and blenders guarantee that all the different items meet all the requirements set out in our quality control system

Packing Department

The Packing Department with automatic and semi-automatic machinery assists our department to work at its optimal levels. With the different batch sizes and packaging size, control is the key and we make sure this standard it met throughout
the processes.

Our warehouse

Our Warehousing has a unique system of controlling our product storage and product picking to facilitate methods for batch and expiry tracking which aids in our food safety control system.