Zunaid Said

After leaving school Zunaid attended Wits to do his Electrical Engineering degree when he was asked to join his father Faruk Said at Golden Spices as the Operations Manager. Although Zunaid had experience working at a butchery part-time growing up, the first thought of working at Golden Spices was not his epitome of where he wanted to be at the tender age of 20. But it wasn’t long after joining Golden Spices that he realised it wasn’t just a shop or a factory, but it was a completely new experience and gave him the opportunity to learn new things including flavours, ingredients and recipes. He was also experimental and started to find new and more efficient ways to do things, and implemented new systems to help Golden Spices move forward with the times.

Fast forward 25 years, Zunaid now runs the entire operation at Golden Spices as a well-oiled machine and continues to produce, supply and sell a range of spices, herbs and marinades that his customers have come to love.

Zunaid’s vision for Golden Spices is to continue to grow their market share and become a known household spice brand in South Africa.