How to care for your butcher knives?

How to care for your butcher knives?

In the bustling world of the meat industry, having quality knives is not just a
luxury, but an absolute necessity. Watching a skilled butcher with premium tools
is effortless. It’s precision and efficiency, effortlessly slicing, dicing, and carving
through a variety of meats. It's an art form, and the key to achieving those
masterful cuts lies within the quality of the knives themselves.

What kitchen tool do butchers value the most?

Many butchers use a wide range of tools and equipment in their facilities. For instance, the butcher’s belt is quite common to see in most butcheries. Other tools are essential for slicing or grinding the meat. Others are useful for mixing the ground meat with various herbs and spices for producing sausages and other meat products. Similarly, some machines and appliances serve to store the meat
in refrigerated conditions. Without these, the meat could become stale quite rapidly and become unfit for consumption. In addition to these, butcheries will feature other tools and equipment needed for processing the meat or packaging it as well. However, if there is a single tool that butchers would probably value the most, it would be their range of knives. For any professional butcher in South Africa, having the right knife makes all the difference.

10 tips to caring for your knives

1. Use the back (spine) of your knife to scrape food off your chopping board, not the blade.
2. Always check you are using the correct knife for the task.
3. Don't use a chef’s knife to try to chop through bone.
4. Keep your knife sharpened.
5. Use good quality wooden chopping boards.
6. Your knife is made for cutting food, so don’t use it for opening boxes, cutting through aluminium foil, or prying things open.
7. Never put your knife in the dishwasher.
8. Always wash your knives in cold water.
9. Don’t leave your knife to soak, dry it immediately.
10. Clean, dry and store your knives correctly after you’ve used it.

How to correctly store your knives?

Instead of a knife block, consider installing a magnetic knife strip, always keeping them accessible. These come in a range of lengths, so you can buy one that will hold the right number of knives for you, whether it's a short one that will keep only your most-used knives accessible, or a long one, so you can load it up with all your essential knives.

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